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Current as of March 1, 2018

Stepping Stone Productions Inc. is proud to present Shediac's very own weekly outdoor Summer Farmer and Regional Cuisine market held on the beautiful grounds of Shediac's downtown Parc Pascal Poirier Park. We invite you to register if you feel you have something unique to offer. Based on the impressive quality and variety of stall-holders from previous years-coupled with the thriving summer Tourism in Shediac, the coming summer season is bound to be a success and we want you to be a part of it and share in the splendour.

Attention all stall-holders new and old:

You must apply online and agree to the Shediac Park Market Stall-holder Information and Terms and Conditions before each and every season. Applications will not be accepted or processed before April 1st.

Applying to be a vendor:

In order to be an "approved stall holder" at the Shediac Park Market you must 1st apply and be accepted.  This needs to be done by filling out the "Stall Holder Application" form by clicking on the "Apply Now" button on the top right hand side of the Home page.

Product Approval:

Quality products and diverse stall-holders is something we are very proud of at the Shediac Park Market and we want to maintain this standard while continuing to evolve and expand, all the meanwhile incorporating suggestions from the greater community.

Acceptance and non-acceptance of applications will be at the sole discretion of Stepping Stone Productions Inc. and will be based on the information given by the applicant at time of application.

Any new or additional product that the stall-holder wishes to sell may be done so only with the approval of Stepping Stone Productions Inc.

Stepping Stone Productions Inc. reserves the right to require the stall-holder to remove products which have not been previously approved.

All products and stall presentation must be of the highest standard. Quality visual advertising is encouraged and assistance can be sought from market management in this regard. Copying the ideas and work of other stall-holders may be in breach of creative copyright and is not in the spirit of the Shediac Park Market.

We have several stall-holder categories now and if for some reason in the application process you fall outside the below mentioned categories fill out the online submission form anyways and as long as your product or service adds to the overall quality and or stall-holder mix we will find you a space.

Stall-holder Categories:

Craft (wood, fabric, jewelry, gem merchants, stain glass etc.)

Art (oil and water paintings, metal sculpture, photography etc.)

Bakers (bread, cakes and pastries, etc.)

Farmers (cheese, vegetables and fruit, wine, etc.)

Certified Organic Farmers (supporting documentation required)

Cold and Hot beverage

Quality Antique dealers

Quality Second Hand dealers

Musicians (looking to launch or sell a C.D?)

Promotional product or idea (test the market with a new product or idea! Are you offering a service to the region and want some cheap advertising, come to the weekly Sunday market and set up a stall-great community exposure!)

Multi-level or Network marketing of products or services

Fundraising / Non-Profit organisations (supporting documentation required)

Health Product or services (massage, acupuncture, reflexology etc.)

Buskers (Balloon twisters, Face painters, roaming acts etc)

Baby products and accessories

Clairvoyant / Intuitive readings

Training and development

Nurseries (plants)

Pet Products or services

Hot food (serving breakfast or lunch items)

Snacks (donuts, popcorn, ice-cream, candy, etc.)


An Outdoor Market:

The Shediac Park Market is an outdoor market. Should you be uncomfortable trading in occasional adverse conditions such as wind, heat or rain, or if your products could be affected, then we suggest that perhaps this market is not suitable for you.  Stall-holders who have pre-booked and who do not arrive to trade because of self-assessment of weather conditions, on a day when the market is  operated by management (i.e. not cancelled) must still pay their stall fees.

Market Cancellations:

The market is only cancelled on days of extreme weather.  If the decision to cancel is made prior to the commencement of market setup, stall-holders registered for attendance on that day will be notified by email. If a trading day commences and the weather deteriorates at some point during the day, Site Management will make the decision of when to cease trading at which point pack-up of the market may commence (not before).  Stall-holders should always assume the market is open, with setup commencing as usual unless notified otherwise.


Notification of Stall-holder non-attendance:

If a stall-holder cannot make it to the market on any given day for which their attendance is pre-booked, notification is required (as soon as possible) to the market operator on Toll Free: 1-800-371-9827 or on cell: 506-227-2777 (Sundays only)or by Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This notification does not allow for a refund of fees. Two missed markets with no notice and the vendor may not be allowed to return.

Missed Markets Fines:

Vendor rates are based upon the number of markets a vendor has scheduled and committed to. In consideration of this and to allow for proper planning and execution of the market, missed markets are subject to fines.

All cancellations by stall-holders must be done by 5pm on the Thursday prior to attendance.  Any later cancellations or no-shows on the day will be charged a fine for the missed Market.

The fines for missed market dates are as follows:

1st market missed: no charge

2nd market missed: $25 penalty

3rd market missed: $40 penalty

All penalties must be paid prior to the next scheduled market date


Trading Hours:

9:00am to 2pm


Set up time:

6:00am to 8:45am

If a permanent stall-holder does not arrive to set up by 8:15am and has not telephoned the organizers ahead of time their stall space may be given away on the morning to a casual stall-holder.


Market Traffic Plan (Parking):

The Shediac Park Market is located in Pascal Poirier Park on the corner of Main St. and Weldon St. Shediac. Do not enter the market area or block entrances with your vehicle until having spoken with the site manager regarding the location of your stall. You will be allowed to bring your vehicle in to the park to load and unload but it is to be done as quickly as possible. No vehicles are to remain in the park after 8:45am. No dismantling or vehicles in the park before 2:00pm.

All stall-holder vehicles need to park behind the DSS Building and/or the Shediac Centre Mall. No exceptions.



Stepping Stone Productions Inc. is insured with Public Liability to the value of $10m for  the Shediac Park Market.  This insurance does not, however, indemnify the stall-holder against their individual liability and we recommend that stall-holders should consider taking out their own comprehensive general public and product liability insurance policy.

It is the responsibility of the stall-holder to ensure they conform and provide if necessary, any food safety, local and provincial compliance standards pertaining to their product or service.


Stall Fees:

Seasonal registration fee = $30

Pre-paid "Seasonal Stall-holder” (Attend all 18 Sundays) = $25/Sunday

Pre-paid "Nominate your dates Stall-holder" (Attend 5 to 17 Sundays) = $35/Sunday

Pre-paid "Nominate your dates Stall-holder" (Attend 1 to 4 Sundays) = $40/Sunday

"Pay on the day Stall-holder"= $45/Sunday (Hot food vendors excluded)

Pre-paid "Seasonal Hot Food Stall-holder"(Attend all 18 Sundays) = $45/Sunday

Pre-paid "Nominate your dates Non-profit or Certified Organic Grower” = $15/Sunday (limited space available)

Pre-paid "Nominate your dates Farmer"= $20/Sunday

Power per socket = $10

Tent rental = $20

Table rental = $10

Before the market season has begun all “Pre-paid” stall fees are to be settled within 14 days of being invoiced. If you are invoiced within 7 days of your first attendance, then payment must be made before 5pm Friday prior to your first market day. 

If you wish to be a "Pay on the day Stallholder", please bring exact payment as we do not carry any change on the day. Cheques will be accepted. Please note: No refunds will be given for Sundays that have been canceled by management or a no-show by a stall-holder.


Pre-paid "Seasonal stall-holder":

We classify a pre-paid "seasonal stall-holder" as someone who attends every Sunday and has consecutive attendance from the 1st market Sunday in June to the last Sunday in September. Consecutive attendance will hold your space from week to week.


Pre-paid "Nominate your dates":

A pre-paid "nominate your dates" stall-holder is someone who attends less than 18 Sundays in the market season and is required to pre-pay for the dates they are nominating in their application. 


Pre-paid "Non-profits or Certified Organic Farmers":

"Non-profit or Certified Organic Grower" is someone who can provide certified documentation in this category to receive the reduced rate and is required to pre-pay for the dates they are nominating in their application.


"Pay on the day stall-holder":

 A "pay on the day stall-holder" is someone who has pre-booked but chooses to pay prior to set up on the day of the market. If the "pay on the day stall-holder" has pre-booked and does not show and has not notified management before 5pm on the Thursday before the Sunday scheduled to appear, the "pay on the day stall-holder" will need to pay for the day missed (whether they return to the market or not) prior to their next booked attendance.  


Booth Space:

10ft X 10ft with an approximate 2 ft buffer between stalls (friendly zone for tent peg down) should your display exceed the space allocated an additional pro-rated charge will apply.


Equipment to bring:

You are responsible for bringing your own tables, chairs and quality (pop-up) 10ft X 10ft canopy cover.

In addition, stall-holders should bring any relevant weather protection (rain gear / sun protection etc.) as necessary for yourself and your products.  We suggest a hammer, tie-downs, long pegs or sandbags to secure marquees /umbrellas and side walls or clear plastic sheeting to cover products in the event of light rain.

An imaginative and attractive display is fundamental to creating a good selling climate and festive atmosphere. All tables must be covered and all space in and around the stall must be kept tidy.


Hot Food Stall-holders:

All Hot food stall-holders are to use quality approved (Heavy Duty) 12 Amp power extension cords. Stall fee includes 2 double socket receptacles for a total of 2000 Watts.  Additional charges apply for additional receptacles($10/double receptacle).  Please have on hand sanitary gloves and disinfectant. All food Stall-holders need to have read and comply with the New Brunswick Food/ Health codes (available upon request).


Stall-holder Behaviour:

Stall-holders are required at all times to act in a professional manner and be honourable representatives of the Shediac Park Market. Bringing the Market into disrepute, negatively influencing the public, customers or fellow stall-holders, behaving in a negative way towards the operator or not listening to instruction given by the Site Manager is not acceptable and may result in stall-holder removal from the market and banning from future attendance.


Smoke Free Market:

No Smoking is permitted in the Market Area. Stall-holders who wish to smoke shall do so outside of the Market Area and away from all surrounding stores/shops. 


Clean Up:

The organizers want to make this market as sustainable as possible; “Leave No Trace” is our motto. 


Plastic Free Market:


All vendors need to use biodegradable or paper recycled products in packaging and/or dispensary items (cutlery, plates, bags etc.) No styrofoam or plastic bags unless recycled is permitted for use in the market place.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.


Stepping Stone Productions Inc.
Shawn and Treva Stone
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Toll Free: 1-800-371-9827
Cell: 506-227-2777(market days only)
Fax: 506-533-9277


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